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Silverlock Camp on Bald Top Mountain - Susan Teltser-Schwarz

Blog | By Susan Teltser-Schwarz | Mar 09, 2022

Photo by Tegan Mierle

Youth is wasted on the young, they say. Well, a summer camp for seniors will help to fill that gap! The coming season is worked on as soon as the last campfire dies down, so the time to sign up is now, for the “early bird special”, before it’s too late to get in on the ground level of this original

concept. Large print brochures, activity schedules and menus are accessible for consideration. The programs and facilities are geared for the grey- haired set. No uniforms – mix and match clothing – name tapes are helpful on many levels. The campsite is equipped with an over- amplified PA system so that Reveille, Taps and important announcements won’t be missed. Shower stalls have seats, there are grab bars in all washrooms and toilet facilities, as well as on trees along the nature trails. Dietary considerations include low salt and pureed foods, with decaffeinated drinks. Dinner is scheduled at 4:45 by popular request.

The day’s activities include Arts & Crafts, where you can make a denture box or a lanyard to hold your med list and emergency numbers, tennis with four on a side, unlimited water treading in the lake, but NO Deadman’s float There’s also body painting within the lines delineated by varicose veins, facial muscle Yoga and one of the favourite times of day - rest period. Cane Fencing is available as is drama class instruction on how to fall and regain your composure.

There’s a running competition throughout the session for the “All Around Most Popular Camper Award”, given to the individual who shared the least about ailments and doctors, the “Lost and Found Award” goes to the camper who goes home with the most items with which he arrived, and there’s an award for “The Most Disciplined” for the person who showed the fewest pictures of grandchildren.

The camp song is “Nice and Easy Does It”. When the camp store opens there’s a supply of lozenges, crinkly wrapped sucking candies for dry mouths, hearing aid batteries and personal unmentionables.

The experience provides special memories you’ll forget all winter long and an unmistakable desire to make it back next year!