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Thank goodness for Trump

Blog | By Nigel Summerley | Jul 16, 2018

Donald Trump helped make one of my dreams come true at the weekend.

Thanks to him, thousands of demonstrators gathered just a couple of blocks away from Oldie Towers before marching to Trafalgar Square. And as a result, the major roads between here and there were officially closed to traffic.

The roads stayed closed well into the evening – which meant that after work I and hundreds of other pedestrians were able to walk all the way down the centre of Regent Street to Piccadilly Circus and thence to Trafalgar Square and the Embankment.

For those of us sick (sometimes literally so) of traffic pollution in the centre of London, this really was a dream scenario.

With the warm weather and a complete absence of cars, lorries and buses, the roads became wide boulevards with (dare one say?) a European atmosphere, and everyone seemed to be enjoying the simple pleasure of walking freely without fearing for their life – or their lungs.

As with many things Trump-related, there was of course a fairly quick U-turn. The traffic and the pollution are now back in full swing.