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The Oldie's daily Celtic prayer

Blog | By Rev Steve Morris | Apr 02, 2020

LIndisfarne: Churchyard, St Mary the Virgin, Holy Island. (Credit: Christine Matthews / CC BY-SA 2.0)

The Celtic Christians lived close to nature.

They befriended wild animals and tended to see the animals they shared their lives with as blessings and friends. In these tough times, I am taking great joy from going into the vicarage garden and listening to the birds. A friendly robin has been keeping me company. The little bird takes me out of myself and he seems as fascinated with me as I am with him.

The hedge of trees surrounds me,

A blackbird’s lay sings to me,

Praise shall I not conceal,

Above my lined book, the trilling of the birds sings to me.

A clear-voiced cuckoo sings to me in a grey cloak from the tops of bushes

May the Lord save me from judgement; well do I write under the greenwood.

Ninth Century, Old Irish