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The empty planes over America

Blog | By James Fletcher | Jul 14, 2020

American flight routes have distinct characteristics... The granola mob heading to Oregon. Brassy types in and out of Texas. The JFK-LAX (Los Angeles) flights are usually packed… film people rushing to a film set or a red-carpet bun fight, agents and lawyers crouched over a laptop surrounded by sheaves of paper, the young and beautiful chasing dreams, and tourists. A guy covered in tattoos with a guitar case would fit right in. Similarly a girl in a pink tracksuit and blonde hair extensions wouldn’t rasie an eye brow. Today the flight is empty. Masks are mandatory. Food is all packaged, much to the chagrin of some of the regular passengers who eye the offering - more akin to a hiker’s emergency rations - with spoilt shock, or genuine dietary fear. Flying feels very different.