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The joys of watching dry paint

Blog | By The Old Un | Oct 03, 2019

Gorgeous Georgian: weaver’s house, 1725, Spitalfields

Watching paint dry has never been much fun. But watching dry paint can be gripping – as you’ll find on reading Oldie contributor Philippa Stockley’s new book, Restoration Stories: Patina and Paint in Old London Houses (Pimpernel Press, £45).

Stockley has been trawling through London’s East End in search of hidden interiors. Pictured is a 1725 weaver’s house in Spitalfields, owned by barrister Phillip Lucas. Stockley says of Lucas, ‘A childhood interest in The Smurfs and Star Wars soon transmogrified into George II furniture.’ Thank God it wasn’t the other way round – or this charming room might have looked a little different.