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The only full set of 15th-century BC Mycenaean armour in the world, seen on The Oldie reader trip in Nafplion on Tuesday

Blog | By Amelia Milne | May 23, 2024

Photocredit James Pembroke, The Oldie

This is the ONLY example of a full set of 15th century BC Mycenaean armour in the world. The Oldie magazine photographed this, while on the Oldie reader trip to Nafplion on Tuesday.

Imagine their surprise when they read Sarah Knapton's article for the Telegraph about Mycenaean armour, showing artist's impressions, when the armour had just been before their eyes. Historians' researches have shown that the apparently unwieldy armour was in fact extremely flexible on the battlefield - as worn in the Trojan War.


As worn by Achilles: full set of Mycenaean armour, Nafplio Museum

The Oldie trip was a great success, led by Editor Harry Mount.

Harry Mount at The Lion's Gate at Mycenae. It's the oldest coat of arms in the world
Paul and Dawn Canham at the Treasury of Atreus, Mycenae, c.1350 BC

Click below for a film of Tiryns, the 15th-century BC Mycenaean stronghold, where Heracles was given the list of 12 Labours...