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The scooters of LA

Blog | By James Fletcher | Jul 08, 2020

A relatively new phenomenon is Los Angeles is the electric scooter, and dockless bikes. Using an phone app, you scan the code on a scooter, or bike, and it’s yours. They’re for road use only and when the journey is complete, you simply leave it on the pavement, and you’re charged per minute on your phone account. As with London, these conveyances have been met with equal amounts of warmth and frost. On the one hand, safety campaigners question the wisdom, especially after dark, of having poorly illuminated, often inexperienced riders weaving between cars - and decry the pavement clutter of parked vehicles… and others welcome any reduction of traffic on the clogged city streets. I use them mostly for going back to my car which I’ve had to park further away from a shop or office than I’d have preferred. In the end, the market will choose the winner. For now, various venture capitalists backing these start-ups are taking huge losses and praying for victory.