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Theresa May’s last days – an echo of Maggie’s final hours

Blog | By Louise Flind | May 24, 2019

Mrs T, Bernard Ingham, Sergeant, 1990

'I got very close to Thatcher on the RAF plane going to Moscow when she suddenly appeared at my side,' John Sergeant says, 'I stood up, being a gent, and all the food and crockery went on the floor and she literally threw herself onto the ground and said, "You stay where you are, I’ll sort this out."

And what about that famous moment in Paris in 1990 when she suddenly appeared behind you outside the British Embassy?

'The reason the scene outside the Embassy in Paris was so bizarre was because Thatcher came out and I didn’t hear someone shouting, "She’s behind you, John,"' he says. 'One of her aides was trying to get her to the microphone set up for the press call but I stopped her. It was a wonderful misunderstanding but people watching at home thought, "Christ, she’s lost her grip on power," and she resigned two days later.'