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Waugh on Wine

Blog | By Auberon Waugh | Jun 26, 2019

Willie Rushton cartoon for Auberon Waugh's column in the Daily Telegraph, January 22, 1994

Among his many gifts, Auberon Waugh was a wine-writer of great distinction, who could write very funnily about the grape. This week, his 1987 book, Waugh on Wine, is being republished, with marvellous cartoons by the great Willie Rushton. Here is Waugh in the Daily Telegraph on January 22, 1994:

I have often thought that childhood is such a wretched state that it might be best to spend it in a mild alcoholic haze. Start them on sweet fizzy cider and small beer, taking them through to hocks and Mosels in lower fifth, Beaujolais and light clarets in the remove, heavier Burgundies, red Rhones and Australian shiraz in the sixth form and vintage port to complete the curriculum and qualify for an Advanced Level Certificate.