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Winners of the third Oscar Wilde Society's Wilde Wit Competition

Blog | Mar 11, 2022

The Oscar Wilde Society’s third Wilde Wit Competition, run in conjunction with The Oldie and The Chap, challenged entrants to match Wilde’s style with their own original entries.

There were more than 300 entries – and the winners would make Oscar smile.

The top entry came from Darcy Alexander Corstorphine, who is no stranger to this contest. He took top place in the first two Wilde Wit Competitions!

This year, he achieved another feat, tying with himself for first prize, with these two aphorisms:

‘A moment of reflection should be taken before the mirror or not at all.’

‘There are only two sources of sorrow in this world: one is a lack of understanding, the other is an excess of it.’

Second place goes to Robert Eddison for this wonderful line:

‘The quickest way to make your name is to lose your reputation.’

Silvia Gasparini won third place with her charming truism:

‘Truth is the name we give to the lies we like.’

Many congratulations to all these supreme Wildeans.