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Writing Love From Venice has "literally given me a new lease of life" – Gill Johnson speaking at The Oldie lunch

Blog | By Amelia Milne | Jun 05, 2024

Hugh Johnson and Gill Johnson - photo by Neil Spence Photography

Gill Johnson told The Oldie, 'I have never published a word in my life, never have I had any ambition to do so, so how did a over 90 year old non-celebrity first time author get to write a book?'

Gill stayed seated and delivered a evocative speech about Love From Venice, her book focused on her 25th year of her life, when she left The National Gallery in pursuit of her love David Ross who had 'an exotic Russian Scottish heritage'.

Gill found herself working for a grand Italian family in Venice and all the stories that ensued.

The book has 'literally given me a new lease of life' as Gill fought away tears, sitting next to her brother and highly esteemed wine writer Hugh Johnson (to whom she had dedicated the book) and her son, writer, Rory Ross. Rory held the microphone for Gill. The Oldie audience applauded.

Gill Johnson, author of Love From Venice
Gill Johnson and Rory Ross
Gill Johnson and her son, writer, Rory Ross holding the microphone