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Saints in their landscape: Umbria with Huon Mallalieu, 26th April-3rd May, 2018

Tours | April 2018

The landscapes and hill towns of Umbria are familiar because they are little changed since painted by the Renaissance masters. This is the heartland of Italian culture, magnet for artists from Tuscany and Rome as well as a hothouse for its own painters. It is a land of saints, notably St Francis – we will be based at the Hotel Giotto in the heart of his city, Assisi. As well as the Basilica and frescoes, we visit the ancient Oratorio dei Pellegrini.

With our distinguished tour guide Huon Mallalieu, art writer and The Oldie’s art correspondent, will also see Orvieto – the Gothic cathedral, and visions of heaven and hell. In Perugia, the finest 15th-century secular room in Italy; the haunting medieval city of Gubbio; and, in Todi, lunch on a terrace where the view is as exquisite as the food. For details of Hotel Giotto, visit 


Thursday 26th April BA3279 departs London City Airport 11.00. Arrive Florence 14.05.  Transfer to Assisi, Hotel Giotto. Introductory talk, drinks, dinner. 


Friday 27th April – Assisi

Tour of the Upper and Lower Churches of the Basilica, frescoes and tomb of St Francis, the Oratorio dei Pellegrini, Temple of Minerva and Roman centre. Afternoon, antiques fair.


Saturday 28th April – Orvieto 

The cathedral and chapels of the Caporale (altar-cloth), and St Brizio, (Fra Angelico, Luca Signorelli). Orvieto is home to the ‘Cittaslow’ concept, so a slow lunch at Duca di Orvieto.


Sunday 29th April – Perugia 

The cathedral and Giovanni Pisano’s Fontana Maggiore. After lunch the Collegio del Cambio, meeting place of the bankers’ guild, decorated with frescoes by Perugino. Next door, in the Palazzo dei Priori, is a fine collection of paintings. Then, a superb gelateria.


Monday 30th April – Gubbio 

Tour of the medieval streets and muscular Palazzo dei Consoli (pictured below). Potential visit to the Roman theatre below the town.


Tuesday 1st May – Arezzo 

 Basilica of S Francesco, Piero della Francesca’s ‘History of the True Cross’, stained glass and the tomb of Gregory X. Casa Vasari, home of Giorgio, first art historian.


Wednesday 2nd May – Todi and wineries  We visit one of the Montefalco wineries for a tasting on our way to lunch at Ristorante Umbria in Todi –famous for game and its glorious terrace views.


Thursday 3rd May

Free time in the morning in Assisi prior to transfer to Florence.

BA3280 departs 14.45. Arrive London City 15.55.


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