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Listen here to Charles Glass speaking about Soldiers Don't Go Mad


Charles Glass, American journalist, who once escaped from captivity in Lebanon, and author of Soldiers Don't Go Mad, addressed The Oldie Literary lunch yesterday.

When his microphone malfunctioned and asked the audience who could hear him. The audience laughed. 'I was a broadcaster for over 40 years, you'd think I'd know!'

Having survived many wars, Charles said, on soldiers and war:

'War doesn't just destroy bodies, doesn't just destroy buildings, but destroys minds in the most awful, awful way'

'Something happens to you when you are killing people, and you don't feel good about it, unless you are a psychopath and there are obviously psychopaths out there - most people are not'

Charles said of the First World War:

'If you can tell me what the objective is of war, I will give you a big prize - a big trophy or something because nobody, especially those survivors who came back wounded, without legs, without eyes, without mental capacities after war - they didn't believe in it. That Gertrude Stein called the lost generation'