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Listen here to the Duke of Beaufort on his memoir, The Unlikely Duke


The Duke of Beaufort lit up yesterday's Oldie Literary Lunch on Tuesday 12th December at the National Liberal Club with anecdotes about life as a rock star, living at Badminton House.

The Duke wrote his memoir in lockdown in Badminton with nothing else much to do but weekly estate meetings on Covid-related matters. He said the problem is 'he rivals Sleeping Beauty' and is inherently lazy, but in lockdown with nothing else to do - no parties, golf or rock band to play in - he knuckled down and wrote his memoir.

He provides insights into living in a stately home and managing a large estate in the vanishing traditions of the aristocracy. He told the story of Prince Harry coming to Badminton and repeatedly throwing poor young girls into the swimming pool until the last Duke's butler stopped him.

The Duke said he found himself on stage today with a new super group: Beaufort, Beard and Brandreth!

Adventures apart, what really means the most to the Duke in his life are family and friends, having explored sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll.

Of sex, he wished he had had more of it; of drugs, he had had too many and of rock 'n' roll - never enough.