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New York heads for the seaside

Blog | By James Fletcher | Jul 29, 2020

Here in Nantucket you see a house clad in de rigueur cedar tiles. It also has a distinctive feature - the widow’s walk frequently seen on 19th Century American coastal houses. The name - as if explanation is needed - describes the deck where a mariner’s wife would await his return. And often in vain. They are also known as Captain’s walks, where a more decadent and spacious version would allow a ship’s owner to scan the horizon for their incoming vessels. These days, when the sun is over the yardarm, you will spot convivial gatherings, and also at sunset. The population of Nantucket Island rose dramatically during COVID as city dwellers fled to their coastal chapter. And with the omni-tolerance of OOO (out of office) working, boardroom coups and other commercial endeavours have been as efficiently staged from the water’s edge, as they ever were in the metropolis.