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The Oldie’s daily Advent prayer - Rev Steve Morris

Blog | By Reverend Steve Morris | By Rev Steve Morris | Dec 23, 2020

Gerard van Honthorst - Adoration of the Shepherds (1622) Credit: Pomeranian State Museum

Wednesday 23rd December

O great God, unto my soul give thine aid and make it full With the great aiding of thine own mercy whole; Even as I am covering all my body with the wool, With the shadow of thine wing cover my soul.

We're back with the great Celtic poem prayers. I like this one because it unpacks the business of God's love towards us, which of course is what this season is all about. How do we show love to other people, how do they know we love them? It is very easy to tell people we love them and not mean it.

The Celtic poet understands that God reaches out to help us and he asks for a sense of God's abiding mercy in every part of his life. Charmingly, he imagines that putting on his clothes, made of wool, is a bit like God covering his soul. It is the poetry of the prayer that speaks to us, as we feel vulnerable and feel the need for protection.

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